Sunset Plaza, Skagen

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Sunset Plaza, Skagen

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The Sunset Plaza is an interplay between two parts: a 20-metre circular plinth with surrounding seating and a series of small new dunes protecting the local village against erosion from the sea.

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Coastal protection and access

The western coastline of Denmark has always been affected by erosion, and several historic buildings have been victim to constant erosion over the years. Therefore, many inhabited areas and villages along the coast have established different kinds of coastal protection. The Sunset Plaza in Gl. Skagen is a forerunner and an example of a new generation of coastal protection incorporating artistic elements and multipurpose programs into these rather technical structures.

Robust plinth 

The publicly accessible coastline is, in many respects, the most important public space in Denmark. Nevertheless, some places are more popular than others, with the west coast and the northern Jutland tip as some of the absolute highlights. Thousands of people travel to Skagen at the northern tip of Denmark to experience the unique coastal landscape and its distinct cultural heritage. The establishment of a series of new dunes and an extension of the coastal protection off Gl. Skagen provides shelter and opportunities to stay. The plinth, named the Solar Disk, is embellished with granite flakes reflecting the sky and sunlight and has become a popular gathering place for both visitors and locals watching the sunset. The project is part of the philanthropic association Realdania’s campaign, ‘Place matters’, highlighting locations in Denmark with distinctive natural and cultural significance.

Key facts

  • Location

    Beachfront at Gammel Skagen (Old Skagen) at the northern tip of Denmark

  • GPS points

    N57° 43’ 44.80’’ E10° 31’16.38’’

  • Protection Framework

    Danish coastal legislation

  • Estimated number of visitors

  • High season

  • Low season

  • Project Owner

    Frederikshavn Municipality and the Homeowners’ Association of Gammel Skagen

  • Designer

    Designed by Kristine Jensen Landscape & Architecture, Denmark, in collaboration with sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar and light designer Bjarne Frost

  • Year of construction


  • Materials

    Concrete, granite, asphalt, steel, and timber

  • Grants

    Awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation in 2021