Design in Nature

Can we design our relationship with nature?

A photo of mystic landscapes with a person in the distance.

About Design in Nature

A selection of cases has been compiled in a Nordic Atlas. They reflect a broad range of design solutions and strategies promoting responsible engagement with and regeneration of nature.

National overviews of design in Nordic nature reflect how growth in tourism has instigated a series of strategic initiatives and design interventions in natural settings. However, more collaboration is needed to unleash the full potential of design to support nature protection and nature experience in the region.

On this site you can browse the cases and read the overviews.

We aim to inspire you to put nature first and cooperate as part of nature with intelligent and responsible design.

Iceland Design and Architecture
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Iceland: Anna María Bogadóttir (project director and editor), Júlía Brekkan, Þórdís Sigurjónsdóttir
Finland: Miina Jutila, Tuuli Kassi
Denmark: Boris Brorman Jenssen
Greenland: Bilo Høegh Stigsen
Norway: Knut Bang, Jannicke Hølen

Iceland Design and Architecture:
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Project Manager: Gerður Jónsdóttir
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