Nature Monitoring

About the project

The task of this working group is to increase understanding of and visualize ongoing changes in nature in National Parks and other protected areas in the Nordic North.

When we think of parks and nature reserves, we think of healthy, abundant vegetation. We think of forests and woodlands, meadows and wildflowers, volcanoes, and glaciers – all preserved for the next generation to experience and enjoy. But no matter how we try, we cannot shelter entire landscapes from the stresses of changing weather patterns, a warming climate and an increased flow of tourists to the Nordic North.

In this subproject, the participating experts discuss, based on various approaches, the impact of tourism on the fragile nature of the Nordic North. Who is in general responsible for monitoring the human impact on nature? What are the key elements of monitoring such an impact? What are the main challenges? Is there a knowledge gap? Moreover, the group will suggest methods that could improve monitoring of the impact of tourism on nature without adding great operative costs for national parks and protected areas. 

Additionally, the subgroup will assess whether cooperation among the Nordic countries is necessary. They will define ambition levels and action plans for policymakers and the Council of Ministers.  



Rannveig Anna Guicharnaud (Iceland)

Matti Tapaninen (Finland)

Conny Jacobson (Sweden)

Jón Björnsson (Iceland)


Sand and water