Mønsted Chalk Caves

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Mønsted Chalk Caves

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Mønsted Chalk Caves is an old chalk mine situated in a forest area near the city of Viborg. Today, the old mine’s underground caves and the defunct plants serve as an outdoor museum and a setting for cultural events.

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Access for all

Access to the old mine with its amazing underground caves used for concerts and other cultural events has long been difficult for people with walking disabilities due to the hilly landscape and the rather rough terrain. In 2017, a cohesive system of parking facilities, a visitor centre and walkways were established, making the beautiful landscape, the impressive underground caves, and the old production plant’s cultural heritage accessible for a wider audience. 

Path and boardwalk 

The landscape masterplan for Mønsted Chalk Caves includes a new parking space and arrival ramp leading to a small entrance plaza with seating in front of the restored visitor centre. In addition, a new more accessible scenic landscape route leading from the entrance to the caves was established, and the existing paths around the area have been improved. A strategic design intervention stitching together the site’s inner and outer landscape with the old industrial facilities and the new visitor facilities. A landscape scenography tells the story of deep geology and the influence of human activity on the landscape – nature and culture in dynamic teamwork.

Key facts

  • Location

    Mønsted near Viborg

  • GPS points

    N56° 27’24.46’’ E9° 10’0.90’’

  • Protection Framework

  • Estimated number of visitors

  • High season

  • Low season

  • Project Owner

    Private - Mønsted Chalk Caves

  • Designer

    Designed by Schønherr Landscape Architects in collaboration with artist Erik Heide.

  • Year of construction


  • Materials

    Concrete, steel, timber, and glass

  • Grants