Kalø Tower Visitor Access

Photo Credit Icon Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen

Kalø Tower Visitor Access

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Access to the tower of a 700-year-old mediaeval ruin built on an isthmus projecting out from the bay of Kalø in eastern Jutland.

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Access to the tower of a historical ruin

Abandoned centuries ago, Kalø Castle has been used as an open quarry erasing much of its former splendour. Preserved as a ruin and situated solemnly on the top of the stunning isthmus projecting into the bay, the old castle has long been a popular destination. Most of the ruin consists of a man-made landscape with large moats and ramparts – except for the hollow brick tower, which has been made accessible by a gentle design installation that also functions as a viewing platform. 

Internal stairway 

Three stories high and two stories deep, the old brick tower has been emptied of its internal structure for centuries, with a single small opening at its base as the only source of visual access to the interior. The project, a zig-zagging staircase, allows the visitor to enter, experience the archaeological layers at hand’s reach, walk upwards to access façade openings and balconies while offering at each landing the opportunity to view the magnificent landscapes surrounding this historic site. Practically invisible from the outside, the new access installation is marked with signposts integrated with solid benches on the way out to the ruin. The project is one of ten ‘Places in the Landscape’, supported by the philanthropic association Realdania.

Key facts

  • Location

    Kalø peninsula, near Rønde

  • GPS points

    N56° 16’28.42’’ E10° 28’1.45’’

  • Protection Framework

    The Danish Nature Agency

  • Estimated number of visitors

  • High season

  • Low season

  • Project Owner

    Public - The Danish Nature Agency / Danish Ministry of the Environment

  • Designer

    Designed by MAP Architects

  • Year of construction


  • Materials

    Steel construction with ash wood and glass details

  • Grants

    Awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation in 2021