Vision of the fjords

Photo Credit Icon Sverre Hjørnevik | Flåms AS

Vision of the fjords

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Hybrid electric sightseeing boat operating the world heritage Nærøyfjorden.

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Unique, protected and popular site in a narrow fjord

Only 1 km wide, Nærøyfjorden is among the world’s longest and deepest fjords and has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for its exceptional natural beauty. Narrow and steep rock walls rise up to 1400 meters and extend 500 meters below sea level. Surrounded by waterfalls, free-flowing rivers, forests with varied animal life, glaciers, rugged mountains and cultural history, it is a popular destination amongst tourists and cruise boats . The area has stunning and protected nature so the project owners asked themselves: how can we support more sustainable tourism and set a new benchmark for inclusive boat design?

Access and experience for all on an emission-free, silent boat creates a new standard for fjord tourism

Three organisations from the regional county of Sogn og Fjordane entered into a joint venture (Flåm AS) to create a new boat that would offer a spectacular view for everyone with minimal impact on nature. The result was Vision of the Fjords, a multi award-winning sightseeing vessel built in light weight carbon fibre. Inclusive design was embedded throughout the project. The boat’s innovative gangway enables outdoor access for all passengers including those using wheelchairs, strollers and with reduced mobility. The interior has spacious furnishings, and natural materials with toned down colours that create a calm atmosphere. Panoramic windows invite nature inside so everyone can enjoy the view together. As a hybrid boat, it is 100 percent emission-free and silent when running on batteries, allowing passengers to hear natural sounds around them.

Key facts

  • Location

    Nærøyfjorden, west coast

  • GPS points

    60.966204450778406, 6.966377768859249

  • Protection framework

    The West Norwegian Fjords Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord are both on the UNESCO World Heritage List

  • Estimated number of visitors

    Can take 400 passengers at a time.

  • High season

  • Low season

  • Project owner

    The Fjords (Fjord1 and Flåm AS)

  • Designer

    Torstein Aa / Brødrene Aa

  • Year(s) built


  • Material

    Carbon sandwich, vinylester

  • Awards

    The Innovation Award for Inclusive Design, 2017, DOGA Award for Design and Architecture 2017