Pikker Hill, Frederikshavn

Pikker Hill, Frederikshavn

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The viewing platform has the shape of the tip of Skagen. It extends from the top of Pikker Hill out over the slope overlooking the sea and the city of Frederikshavn.

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Ancient shoreline

The 71-metre-high Pikker Hill just south of Frederikshavn is the largest land uplift in Denmark and part of a three km long distinctive coastal slope formed by the Yoldia and Litorina seas during the ice age, more than ten thousand years ago. For many years, this remarkable place has been used as an excursion and picnic destination by locals and tourists. In order to accommodate the many visitors and provide a more robust and permanent structure, the municipality has established a small podium and viewing platform underpinning the gathering place and natural outlook.

Robust platform 

Shaped as the northern tip of Jutland, the cantilevering platform offers a unique view of the city’s landscape setting, the harbour, and the small Archipelago of Hirsholmene, as well as a view of the distant cities of Sæby and Skagen. The site also features the small national monument Kongesten (The King Stone), with the signature of King Frederik VIII, King Frederik IX and Crown Prince Frederik X. The site is one of Frederikshavn's most scenic landscape attractions and has become a favourite location for weddings. The new design integrates the historical monument with the natural setting while at the same time offering a spacious gathering place. All orchestrated through relatively simple design solutions: steel, wood and concrete.

Key facts

  • Location

    Hill south of the city of Frederikshavn

  • GPS points

    N57° 24’54.87’’ E 10°30’47.37’’

  • Protection Framework

    Danish legislation

  • Estimated number of visitors

  • High season

  • Low season

  • Project Owner

    Public - Frederikshavn Municipality

  • Designer

    Designed by architect Marie Staal

  • Year of construction


  • Materials

    Concrete, steel, timber and glass

  • Grants