Removability and design in nature


A dialogue on design in nature that took place in the Icelandic embassy in Stockholm. Helena Karlberg and Áslaug Traustadóttir in conversation moderated by Anna María Bogadóttir. Listen to the full recording below.

In this episode we go to Stockholm, where we are to meet Áslaug Traustadóttir, landscape architect, at Landmótun and Helena Karlberg, president of the Swedish Design Society (Svenska Designsällskapet), discussing the role of designers in the challenges that arise when whole cities or parts of towns need to be moved, as well as how designers can create ways for people to experience nature without putting themselves or nature in harms way


Helena Karlberg is a journalist and has worked with destination design and place innovation around Sweden for over 10 years for example in Kiruna, a city in the north of Sweden that is being moved and rebuilt due to the mining industry. Helena is a frequent lecturer in these subject areas and she has extensive experience of working with design projects in collaboration with SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and Luleå University of Technology. Helena has previously been responsible for design and destination at SVID and is now a member of the Board. She is also the president of SVID's member association the Swedish Design Association.

Áslaug Traustadóttir is a certified landscape architect that graduated from the Norwegian Agricultural University in 1988 and has over 30 years of experience in design and planning in the field of landscape architecture. She worked at Pétur Jónsson's Landark studio from 1988 to 1993, had her own private practice from 1994-1995 and began working on projects with a Landmótun landscape office . Áslaug has been co owner of Landmótun from 1999. Recent projects include Geysir - design of a tourist attraction for The Environment Agency of Iceland, Sky lagoon geothermal bath for a private company and recently Landmótun got 1st prize in a planning competition at Leiðarhöfði in Hornafjörður foreseen as a new destination and a residential area.


Anna María Bogadóttir is a licensed architect, urbanist and curator engaging at the interface of architecture, art and urban culture. She is the founder of Úrbanistan that operates across the fields of architecture, planning and preservation combining research and design with curatorial and publishing practices. Anna has extensive experience in cultural planning and strategic design on municipal, national and transnational levels and has been the lead-consultant for Iceland Design and Architecture in the project Design in Nature. Anna is an associate Professor at the Iceland University of the Arts.