Paddle Huts in Vestfold

Paddle Huts in Vestfold

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Wooden shelters for paddlers along the Vestfold coast

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Map of Norway, illustration.Map of Norway detail, illustration.Paddle Huts, illustration.

Continuous paddle trails

Norway's first continuous paddle trail allows you to paddle 622 km along the entire coast of Vestfold. Vestfold's archipelago offers great kayaking experiences with open water, islets and rocks. The aim of the paddle trail is to stimulate increased physical activity and use of the skerries, through better facilitation for the simple and environmentally friendly outdoor life. Along the route several paddle huts are located to offer simple accommodations that the paddlers can use. The paddle huts are free to use for everyone, either for a short break and a bite to eat or for an overnight stay.

Comfortable and beautiful shelter

The paddle huts are designed by architects Biotope and are developed according to the wishes of the paddling communities. They are open to anyone traveling along the coast and come in several modules and sizes - some with several living rooms so that several groups can stay there at once. The huts are based on the traditional wooden gapahuk shelter which has been modernised and carefully adapted to the landscape and scenery. The newest ones also include a sauna and cooking facilities. The goal is to build at least one paddle hut in each coastal municipality.

Key facts

  • Location

    Ildverket, Færder municipality

  • GPS points

    59.1183515667204, 10.46416797573343

  • Designer

    Schønherr Landscape Architects

  • Protection framework

  • Estimated number of visitors

  • High season

  • Low season

  • Project owner

    Padleled Vestold and Telemark, Vestfold Fylkeskommune

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