Majamaja Off-Grid Hut Concept

Photo Credit Icon Marc Goodwin

Majamaja Off-Grid Hut Concept

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Majamaja is a concept for a pioneering solution for off-grid living with a minimised environmental footprint, that allows one to reconnect with nature.

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Majamaja, architecture and landscape illustration.

How to create ecologically sound yet comfortable accommodation in nature?

The Majamaja concept combines self-sustained green energy use, rainwater collection and a circular water purification system, with resource optimisation and functional space-usage.

A new sustainable way to enjoy natural surroundings without leaving a trace 

The inspiration for Majamaja comes from the Finnish archipelago, its minimalistic tradition and living in harmony between human and nature. It is a concept for a pioneering solution for future off-grid living with a minimised environmental footprint. No landscaping nor any permanent changes to the grounds are needed for putting up the hut. The concept is based on high-quality design and a resource-optimised wooden building system, combined with a patented off-grid technology for green energy production and water purification. The concept was initiated by Finnish architect Pekka Littow and launched with a three month demo building exhibition in Paris in summer 2019. The first of five units of the Majamaja Helsinki archipelago village in Eastern Helsinki was put up in 2020.

Key facts

  • Location

    Vuorilahdentie 5, Laajasalo, Helsinki, Region of Uusimaa in Southern Finland

  • GPS points

    60°09'39.3"N 25°02'36.9"E

  • Project Owner


  • Designer

    Pekka Littow, architect

  • Year of construction

    2020, concept 2019

  • Materials

    Prefabricated wooden elements

  • Additional notes

    Self-sustained green energy use, rainwater collection, circular water cleaning system