Clean Energy Project is well on its way

Four workshops were held prior to Covid-19 outbreak

Following the project kick-off in April 2019, several workshops around the Nordic countries were planned for the first project year. Luckily, four workshops had already been held prior to the global outbreak of Covid-19. The project coordinator met with marine vessel stakeholders at Skärgårdsredarnas autumn meeting and fair in Gothenburg in October 2019 and held a successful workshop with 20 participants.

In Reykjavík in November 2019, the Icelandic Travel Industry Association's rental car working group took part in a workshop during which challenges and opportunities of the rental car energy transition in Iceland were identified. Rental car companies own approximately 10% of the passenger car fleet in Iceland, thus the market for used cars is significantly influenced by the purchasing decisions of the car rental companies.

Finally, two workshops related to the hospitality sector were held in February 2020, one in Reykjavík and the other in Oslo. It became clear that each of the Nordic countries is tackling similar challenges although it is evident that many issues are also local to each country. The common challenges included: contributing to national GHG emission reduction, food waste, implementation of EV charging stations, and maintaining the Nordic region's image as a sustainable destination.

During 2020-2021, participants in each of the workshops will be contacted to follow up on and confirm the information gathered during these meetings. For further information on the status and progress of the project, follow the project website or contact the project manager Anna Margrét Kornelíusdóttir for specific information via

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