Fjöregg Viewing Point

Photo Credit Icon Gláma Kím

Fjöregg Viewing Point

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Fjöregg, an unbuilt scenic sculpture, viewing platform and a resting place all at once is the winning  proposal in a competition for an unconventional viewing point. The intended landmark will be a playful, humorous and surprising place to enjoy the view of the ocean.

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Graphic map, large.Graphic map, detail.Architecture illustration.

Area exposed to unwanted intrusion
The island of Súgandisey in the town of Stykkishólmur is one of the most popular destinations in the region. Its popularity has led to the urgent need to reassess the island’s land management and organization to address the damage to the natural landscape caused by an increased number of visitors and man-made erosion. As part of the reorganization, emphasis is placed on continuing to provide space for visitors to have a fulfilling nature experience while simultaneously protecting the landscape. Additional emphasis is placed on sustainability and limiting the number of visitors and traffic around the island.

An artistic approach to a viewing platform as guideways for visitors
This unique viewing platform takes the shape of an eggshell sculpture and is visible from Stykkishólmur making it an attraction for visitors to the town. Along with steps and railings a buried/dug down pathway will be installed in the area. The landscape was the main inspiration in the design of the platform with colors and symbols and references to old legends and beliefs. An attempt was made to find a balance between the natural and the man-made, where prudence, respect and humility towards the area were the guiding principles in the conceptual work and solution of the project. The aim was to disturb and add as little as possible to the area.

Cliff and an ocean.

Photo Credit Icon Gláma Kím

Key facts

  • Location

    West Iceland, Súgandisey, Stykkishólmur.

  • GPS points

    N65°04,8173' W22°43,3983'

  • Protection Framework

    The area is defined as an internationally important wildlife area and is protected by Act no. 54/1995 under the name Protection of Breiðafjörður

  • Estimated number of visitors a year

    55,000 in 2021

  • High season


  • Low season


  • Project Owner

    Stykkishólmur municipality

  • Designer

    Gláma-Kím Architects, Landslag Landscape Architects, Ólöf Nordal, visual artist and Gunnar Karlsson.

  • Years built

    Design competition in 2020

  • Materials

    Local material from the area. The handrail is made of black wrought steel that rusts and is drilled into the rock. The egg will be cast from bronze, which will take on a natural green colour with time. The walls are as thin as a shell with holes mimicking the eggs of the seabirds. Inside the egg itself, is an interplay of ambient sounds and the smell of the sea, sun and shadow.

  • Grants

    ISK 24,950,000 from the Tourist Site Protection Fund in 2021